Thanks for clicking on that link! Welcome to my website. Take a look around. I call myself an artistic photographer (in reality I feed nuts to the squirrels and have artistic bursts of energy). My love for photography began in my early teens with a photography class. My self-taught photo skills and collection of images has been growing for nearly thirty years.

While behind the lens, I focus on capturing the essence and personality of my subject. Similarly, while working on post production editing, I lose track of time as I become immersed in creating an image that captures both the eye and the soul. 

Raevenousone, pronounced Rà●ven●us●One 

/rav(e)nes.one/ adjective meaning: extreme, intense, or insatiable hunger; seeking satisfaction and gratification in all areas of life; a deep craving to experience life, despite the circumstances.

This word, raevenousone, is unique and best describes me (in a nutshell). I've spoken with many so-called professionals; all of them told to me ditch the name. It's too complicated. Too hard to remember. Well, humans are complex and like unique things.

This site, like me, is unique.

I provide a variety of services:

Small weddings
Empowerment/Individual Sessions

and more!

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