The Life of Jayde

I am currently working on writing my first novel.

 This novel has the potential to develop into a series.

Book One: Moments

The Life of Jayde

The novel is loosely based on a variety of true elaborated stories. I hope to turn the novel into a series. 

I focus on subjects that are often difficult to face; domestic abuse that contains violent physical, mental, and often sexual abuse. She also includes the alcohol and drug abuse and addiction that often runs simultaneously with violent domestic abuse. Michelle infuses the questions of faith, belief, and the ultimate power of love throughout this novel. With twists and turns, and no way out, she leaves you wondering what the characters face next and how will they ever overcome them?


Moments in life can live forever or forgotten completely. A moment can create change. It can define you. A moment can alter your view of reality. It can encapsulate you, awaken you. A moment can change you, forever. A moment changed Jayde - forever. It could have taken everything from her. Instead, it gave her life, a life she never could have imagined.


Experience life through the eyes of Jayde. Feel her pain, share in her struggles, and understand her fears. Beleive in love at first sight, soulmates, and unconditional love like you have never known. Yearning to be loved, Jayde takes risks in life that no one, not even Jayde, could imagine taking - all in the name of love.

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Culture Shock

Jayde knew very little about her biological father and her American Indian Heritage. That, along with her innocence, was taken from her at a very young rip age before she knew what had happened to her. Forced to grow up quickly as a little 'White' girl, she lived a life that was not her own. 

Jayde was actually lucky to be alive; born to an unwed teenage mother during the Sexual Revolution is the only heritage Jayde associates with as her culture. She often imagines her mother & father as "free-loving hippies" protesting the restraints of the government while smoking marijuana.

The reality of life as a "White" girl growing up in the urban jungle was far from the pretty peace-loving pot-smoking parents she envisioned. Violence & drugs filled her home; fear often consumed her. Jayde attended church to "find" God & pray He keep her safe until the day she is old enough to leave home.