Small Weddings

I love small weddings. The intimacy. The shared moments. There's so much going on that the smallest moments are often overlooked; missed.


These moments are the ones that bring us the most joy, laughter, happiness, and memories of a day gone by too quickly.

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Traditional images of attire and important guests are a must for the wedding album!


Important people 

I enjoy photographing small backyard outdoor type weddings. I enjoy playing with the light of the sun to capture the natural light upon my subjects. 

She said "Yes!"


From the moment she said "yes" to the wedding ceremony, into the night celebration and beyond


Three generations celebrating a special day


Signing of the documents!


An impromptu look - Just be yourselves!

A father dancing with his daughter


Leading the way for the younger generations


The cake


These moments are often missed during the big celebration.


Turning moments into memories

2010 TANYA WEDDING (56).jpg

This image of a mother and her son is timeless, as he gives his blessings of love.

The first wedding I photographed was a small backyard ceremony and celebration during summer of 2020.

The bride was very concerned with me capturing the groom's first look. I felt the pressure as we waited for the bride to appear. As everyone was looking at the bride, I kept my eyes (and camera) on the groom. My instructions were clear - capture his first look as she made her appearance. The smile on the bride's face upon telling her I captured the moment she wanted, is one of my favorite. 


Ensuring the bride's happiness = priceless


The groom's first look


Bride and Groom


These two were my favorite to photograph


A proud father and son

Kicking up a good time during the reception

Capturing the essence of the moment is done without any prompting for a pose. I find these types of images to be the most beautiful as they depict the current emotion.


Ending the long day with a beautiful sunset.